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What Makes Me Different

Individualized, Diverse and Integrated

I have developed a unique approach that differs from "mainstream" massage therapy treatments. I've moved away from a linear course of thinking, developing a narrative-based approach to establish a comfortable and trusting relationship between the client and myself. My goal is not to solve the problem or symptom but to find the root cause and move forward, ending the cycle that contributes to their symptoms.

It's beneficial for clients who seek more gentle, effective and less invasive treatments.

I'm a certified Trauma-informed Massage Therapist, educated to work with trauma clients, relieving the constant pressure of burdensome demands from everyday challenges, fostering healing and recovery. Trauma-based massage therapy is a complementary modality to psychological counselling, understanding what affects the mind; affects the body. 

I respect your individuality and understand, I have never walked in your shoes. I don't feel your pain, anxiety, and stress. My background experiences good, or bad, are not the same as yours. I will empathize with your story and hear your life struggles on and off the table. We need to trust ourselves, and you will need to put your trust in me. I do know what I'm doing, even if I'm working in the "wrong place."
Oh, and you don't need to undress if you aren't comfortable disrobing to your undergarments or not treating the area - dress like you were going to the gym - please no jeans. 

I dedicate my work and clinic to our mental and physical health, to help heal broken wounds, work through the trauma of injury, educate, rehabilitate, and attempt to rejuvenate life with hope and purpose.

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Massage Therapy Treatments

Healing with a therapeutic, body, mind and brain based unified approach

It's not all about relaxation, ironing out the "knots" or decreasing the aches and pains within the muscles. 
Pain is a perception of learned behavior, a restriction of movement, trauma to the brain or physical body because of a disconnection from the sensory experience.
A dysregulated nervous system is problematic to the structure and function in our body's systems, causing acute or chronic pain.

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Massage Therapy Treatment



The Eagle


The Eagle

The eagle represents strength and is considered to be the chief among all winged creatures. It also represents a symbol of power and is associated with woman and  man’s relation to divinity. Getting to know about the same can help you to find the urge and drive within you. This way, you can push yourself further, thus enabling you to reach greater heights. Also, you can view yourself and your life from a better perspective. You will also develop immense confidence in your abilities.

The eagle bird stands for resilience and power. Being the spirit’s message, it connects with your divinity. It also symbolizes dawn, rebirth, renewed life, and spring’s direction. People who experience difficult times can derive new stamina, resilience, and beginnings.


I think some of the best therapy one can do is therapy that is very largely non-verbal where the main task of the therapist is to help people to feel what they feel—to notice what they notice, to see how things flow within themselves, and to re-establish their sense of time inside.

– Bessel van der Kolk, MD, Advances in the Treatment of Trauma

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